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Firepot - Sandstone

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Product: Firepot - Sandstone

Ceramic Fireplace

The Firepot is an indoor or outdoor fireplace of supreme efficiency, individually handcrafted from exceptional fireproof clay.

Functional Art

Each Firepot stands as an individual piece of functional art. The process of making each fireplace requires combined skill and talent. The end product being one of a harmonious and natural look, bringing a special kind of warmth into a home.

Thermal efficiency

The shape offers a full 360 degree heat radiation, which contributes substantially to the heat output in a room. One of the Firepot's most favourable qualities lie within the thermal properties of the ceramic material, which have an exceptional ability to retain heat and radiate it out into the room long after the flames have died out. In this way both the shape and thermal retention properties combine to bring exceptional heating qualities into an area of choice.

The efficiency of this unique ceramic fireplace is not to be understated and will no doubt save you both time and significant wood costs.

Quality Ceramic fireplace

Not to be confused with the Mexican Chiminea, the Firepot is a quality handmade product with a full guarantee. Our clay body has been scientifically formulated to deliver a thermal expansion of zero. This ensures that the ceramic fireplace will not crack due to uneven heating of the body and will continue to serve over a lifetime of use, bringing infinite hours of warmth to a home.

Pizza Oven

The Firepot doubles up as a fantastic pizza and bread oven, great for entertaining. Very simply, slide the pizza plate provided on top of the bed of coals, your pizza will cook in under ten minutes!

Textured Finish

The finish is one of a textured effect. The natural sand colour of the clay predominating against a lightly etched dark stained background. The result is one of a very earthy, organic look. Although very popular at present, it is a timeless effect inspired by the natural look of raw stone.

Accessories and Guarantee

The Firepot comes with its steel stand, a lid for outdoor use, a joiner for indoor attachment to chimney pipe and a fireproof pizza plate for baking. It is under a full 10 year guarantee against thermal expansion cracking.

  • Do not use when wet
  • Dimensions¬† 50cm diameter, 85cm high, 1.2m on it's stand.
  • Courier delivery to Jhb or Durban¬† R 600

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