Ceramic Fireplaces

Firepot Ceramic Fireplaces

The Firepot is an indoor/outdoor ceramic fireplace. It is built from specially formulated fireproof clay utilising mineral deposits mined only in Southern Africa. The thermal capacity of the clay body coupled with the design of the Firepot give it an ability to go on radiating heat long after the fire has burnt out. This makes it extremely efficient in wood/fuel consumption, burning slower and for longer with an exceptional heat output and low carbon emissions.

Unlike metal fireplaces the Firepot never rusts and each one is uniquely hand thrown on a traditional potter’s wheel by Daniel Griffin. Based on a long tradition of masonry and clay ovens that date back to before Roman times the Firepot also functions as a perfect pizza oven. Pizzas are baked in less than ten minutes. One can also bake bread, grill, and make kebabs in the Firepot turning it into a natural focus when entertaining family and friends.

Combining ancient practice and contemporary technology the Firepot ensures lasting* satisfaction and will never lose its appeal. For both the economically aware and environmentally conscious buyer this is the purchase of choice.

*Our ceramic fireplaces have a five year guarantee against thermal expansion cracking.

This Ceramic Fireplaces' design is to fit in with a more modern decor style. This is our signature product.
R5 400.00